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accounting firms in Singapore
Benefits of Hiring Accounting Services Singapore


Singapore companies, unless exempted, are required to fulfill the legal obligation of preparing their financial accounts annually as per the provisions of the Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (“SFRS”). Most of them hire accounting services Singapore for the task.

They have to be accurate and prompt with the task as these financial statements are sampled and verified for the accuracy by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) under its Financial Reporting Surveillance Programme (FRSP). The agency thinks that these statements must reveal a true and fair view of the company’s state of affairs and profit & loss for the benefit of the investors. The need for the expert advice to the startups and small companies is fulfilled by the accounting services Singapore.

What can Accounting Services Do for You?

The startup and small business, for one or the other reason, cannot afford to invest in an in-house accountant and accounting setup. The reputed accounting services provide them with one-stop accounting solutions. These firms offer services like,

  • Singapore Accounting Software Assistance

  • Singapore Professional Accounting Service

  • Recording Full Set of Account Transactions

  • Preparation of Cash Flow Statements

  • Singapore Group Consolidation

  • Singapore Bank and Other Accounts Reconciliation

  • Accounts Payable (AP)

  • Financial Statements Preparation

  • Director’s Report /Compilation Report Preparation

  • Compilation of Accounts

The qualified experts working for the accounting firms provide flexible services. They render monthly or quarterly bookkeeping services and accounting services as per their clients’ requirements and schedules. They even adjust their services according to the volume of the financial transactions of their clients. Employing accounting firms Singapore enables businesses in,

  • Reducing cost of operation

  • Streamlining accounting activity

  • Increasing efficiency of business

  • Tackling manpower shortage (in the case of in-house operation)

  • Handling increased workload due to Merger and Acquisition

  • Boosting ROI (Returns on Investment)

  • Getting specialized accounting services

GST Registration and XBRL Filing Services in Singapore

The accounting services Singapore specializes in rendering GST and XBRL related services that are very specific to the Singapore. They offer to assess the need for the compulsory GST registration for their clients. They also help in exploring the benefits that their clients will get because of the voluntary GST registration.

GST Singapore

Registering for the GST enables the Singapore businesses in claiming the Input Tax (GST) they have paid on their purchases. The accountants employed by the accounting firms take care of their client’s quarterly GST filing Singapore strictly following the due dates and IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore) guidelines.

XBRL Filing

As per the Company Law of Singapore, most of the businesses needs to file their financial statements in full XBRL format. The mandate came into force, since, 3 March 2014. However, startups and small businesses struggle to comply with it. Some of them are so entangled with the responsibilities of providing quality services and products to their customers that they have no time to do it on their own.

On the other hand, others lack the accounting and technical knowledge to do so. Outsourcing the task to the reputed accounting services Singapore is beneficial. These firms use latest software tools for their client’s XBRL filing and help them in complying with the statutory requirements. Depending on the client’s needs, the accounting companies Singapore also take care of the following tasks,

  • AGM Filing

  • Annual Return Filing

  • GST Registration and GST Filing

  • Payroll Services

  • Corporate taxation services (Form C / C-S, ECI)

  • Company secretary services

  • Registered office address services

  • XBRL Services

Benefits of Hiring Accounting Services Singapore

CPA Accounting Services for Non-Core Activities

It is hard to put a value to the benefit gained out of outsourcing to CPA accounting services Singapore. Because accounting is a non-core activity for the business. It does not produce any profit for it, however, good you are at it. On the other hand, it takes up a considerable amount of a business’ resources. It makes the directors of the company worried over its successful completion. It has all the potential of causing a distraction in the workflow of the company.

For a company active in a competitive market, it could lead to problems. By paying affordable accounting fees for hiring certified accountants, the business owners can ensure faultless execution of the task. It leaves them to work on achieving core goals of their business. It is what they should be able to do without having to contend with any distraction as it is directly related to the survival and growth of their business.

Management of Funds

It is of at most importance for a business to keep its books in updated state notwithstanding the statutory requirements. Because it forms the basis of its financial interaction with its suppliers, vendors, employees, and financial institutions. The updated books of accounts enable the management in keeping track of business’ invoices, receipts, etc. It enables it in knowing about the cash flow of the business and in collecting its dues and in paying its creditors. It lends to building a credibility and acquiring the goodwill for the business.

It must be noted that some business owners tend to carry business’ financial information in their head. To a certain limit, it works for them. On the other hand, mature owners try to be diligent and record each of their business’ transactions. Some even hire accounting firms in Singapore as they know it is going to help them in keeping track of the financial health of their business.


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